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The Rainbow Elementary School is a school of shared learning. Learning together at our school aims to accept all children in their heterogeneity and diversity and to accompany and support them in their individual learning and development processes.
In der Bibliothek

At both school locations we have a nice school library for the children. These not only invite you to read, but also to borrow books. 

Gruppenarbeit Schule
Cross-year learning

In cross-year learning (JüL), classes 1 and 2, the school entrance phase, are taught together at our school. This enables us to compensate for differences in development and support the children individually in their learning pace. 

Musik Klasse
Musical elementary school

The Rainbow Elementary School was selected by the Bertelsmann Foundation for the "Musical Elementary School" project. The project enables the children to develop psychological aspects in a special way. Because making music is the key to positive, holistic development and successful learning. 

An Tafek schreiben
To write

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digital learning

Digital devices are available to all children in our school. It is important to us that they learn how to use digital media in a healthy and limited way right from the start. The children should be able to use the tablet as a helpful tool in addition to many other learning strategies. Helpful tutorials are pre-installed on the devices for this purpose.

Kinder spielen draußen
Open all-day school

There is an all-day open day at both of our school’s locations. Here, after prior registration, the children canfrom around 6.45 a.m. and after the end of the lesson. After the lessons the following offers take place: 

  • homework help,

  • a compulsory lunch for all children as well as

  • Promotion in various areas

  • Sport, art, crafts or music offers  

Kind in der Schule

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Individual support

Every child is different in their learning from others. It has individual learning strategies, its own learning pace, different interests and prior knowledge. This uniqueness of each child is taken up by individual support, so that we offer rainbow lessons for different learning areas in all classes.

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